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What is Server Management?

In the world of computing, a server acts as a piece of computer hardware or software that will be offering you the functionality for different programs or devices called “clients”. The entire structure is known as the client-server model. It is important to note that the server can provide you different functionalities that are called services like doing computation for a client, sharing of data, or even other resources between the different clients. Managing all these things to ensure the proper functioning of the system is called server management.

Why Do You Need Server Management?

The server plays a key role in your IT setup. It is important to manage it well for ensuring business efficiency. It acts as the network central hub that will be making communication and interaction easy by making all your IT devices connected to function effectively. For online enterprises, the servers are the backbone and they are responsible to ensure a smooth website hosting experience that will be attractive for the clients.

How WD Logics Can Help?

The majority of the companies are just busy doing the business, but they don’t pay much attention to the server management unit unless there is any kind of problem! Most of the companies are not aware of the new trends regarding server management or they just lack the knowledge due to which they are left behind in the area.

However, if you are looking to get your server managed well, then WD logics are here to make you work easily. We will be managing, maintaining, and secure your server on your behalf. With more than 10 years of experience and the right expertise, we will be managing all the important day-to-day operations of your servers. You can select our hourly or subscription plan to get the best services. We will ensure that your server is working properly 24/7 each day.

Software and OS Updates Installation

Allow us to tune up your servers by installing the latest software and updating the OS. This will help you to stay protected from spam and viruses. Installation of proper software will help you to work easily without any trouble.

Optimization and Analysis

To get more out of your server, you have to optimize it on time for better performance and productivity. It is important to analyze your server’s weaknesses and strengths by monitoring their performance and doing continuous stress testing. More importantly, taking care of the data stores on the server.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

24/7 proactive monitoring will be provided to instantly detect any kind of problem in everyday functioning. Our monitor system is capable of analyzing any kind of problem. In case of any problem, it will be fixed without any delay.

Management Services You Will Get!

Web Development Logics will be providing you the server management services for the renowned brand as listed below:

AWS Server Management

AWS system manager will be providing you the visibility and control of your infrastructure on AWS. You will get a unified user interface to view all your operational data through different AWS services. With the help of Systems Manager, you can combine the resources like Amazon SE buckets, Amazon RDs, and Amazon EC2.

Digital Ocean Server Management

In this server, you are going to get the features like one-click SSL/HTTPS, one-click Opencart/Laravel install/WordPress, database management, user management, Firewall management, one clicks to HTTP to HTTPS, remote desktop options, and much more to make things easy for you!

GoDaddy Server Management

Here you will get three kinds of plans that include self-managed servers, managed servers, and fully managed servers. The price tag for every plan is different along with the different features.

BlueHost Server Management

For great performance, control, and security, you should go for BlueHost server management. You can pick a standard, enhanced, and premium plan to get your server managed properly as per your need.

HostGator Server Management

It offers you the opportunity to manage your database with an application. To do this, you just have to follow the three steps and you are good to go to kick start the work.

Connect with us today to get server management correctly with proper maintenance and timely monitoring.

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