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What is React Native App Development?

It is an open-source JavaScript framework that is developed for cross-platform mobile app development. With React Native, it is easy to develop a native app that is best for iOS and Android devices that comes with a single codebase. This has a rich app library and components that can be developed with the native app using a dynamic UI and UX. Furthermore, this also provides you the great and powerful apps that will be compatible with the different platforms at a very low cost that will be developed in minimum time.

Why Choose React Native For App Development?

There are many other platforms to build an app that can fulfill your business goals. You might be wondering, why should you select the react-native for the development of the application? The answer is as follows:

Cross-Platform Native Mobile Apps

This will allow you to develop cross-platform native mobile apps. You should always think about diversity. To get diversity when running the app for your business, you should go for react-native.

Timely Completion

Time matters a lot in the development. It is interesting to note that react native app development can be completed in less time with no worries of delays.

Best For Small Viable Products

React native app development is the right option for the minimum viable products that you might use within your business.

Open Source

The code for the react native app development is open source.

Affordable Option

The budget of your app development does matter a lot but don’t worry, for the react native app you will be paying an affordable price.

Updates in Real-Time

The best part is that the apps are going to get real-time updates without any problem.

Our Services

WD Logics is working hard to put a smile on the face of the customers with their quality work and affordable services. Let’s have a look at our services:

Cross-Platform App Development

Looking to extend your customer reach for Android and iOS users at the same time? For this, a native mobile app for different platforms with a single codebase is the right choice. More importantly, you will pay less and the development will be completed in less time.

Proper Maintenance and Support

Our mobile app developers will be taking a proactive approach to maintaining your apps. They will also properly identify all the problems to keep your app bug-free so that you can work properly with no problem at all.

API and App Integration

WD Logics experts can easily help you integrate your apps with CRM solutions or other API services. We will also link it with your business ecosystem for the best customer experience

Why Should You Hire Us

WD Logics should be hired for your next react native app development due to the following reasons:

  • We will be providing you a free consultation and free quotes regarding your project.
  • A team of skilled app developers will guide you in the right direction about the development of your app as per your business needs.
  • Timely updates and completion of your app.

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"Shoaib was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He was professional, polite, highly skilled and prompt. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again in the future."

Tom Ken

"Shoaib is an incredible developer and person to work with. We worked together over numerous long term projects for about 2 years full time, and he was instrumental in completely re building our system back end. If your looking for a high end developer with incredible skill, insight, honesty and integrity then i can personally assure you that shoaib is that person."


"An excellent resource and he knows what he is doing."

Faisal Shehab